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What is a Globe Valve?

A Globe Valve is a multi-turn valve used to control the flow of fluid through a piping system and offers some throttling capabilities.

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What are common types of valves?

Common types of valves include Gate, Globe, Swing Check, Ball Check, Piston Check, Ball Valve, Butterfly Valve, and Plug Valve. No matter how big or small, control of flow through pipes is handled with a valve.

What is a valve?

A valve is a piping system component designed to open, close, and limit the flow of material through the piping system. 

Are there gasket options available in Service Metal bolt packs?

Yes. The gasket option available in our bolt pack is a Non-asbestos sheet ring gasket.

What types of bolts come in Service Metal bolt packs?

Our bolt packs include ASTM A307 cap screws with an ASTM A194 Grade 2H nut.

What types of gaskets are there?

Common types of gaskets include flanges categorized into three primary groups:  Non-Metallic / Soft Gaskets, Metallic / Hard Gaskets, Semi-Metallic / Composite Gaskets. Each has a specific intended application. 

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What is a gasket?

A gasket is used to form a seal between two flange faces. The seal is formed with the compressive force from the bolting.

What is black pipe?

Black pipe is a descriptive term stemming from a dark layer of iron oxide on products that occurs during manufacturing. Unlike rust, this black iron oxide layer is formed at high temperatures and provides minimal protection against corrosion.

What are pipe schedules?

A Pipe Schedule is an industry terminology used to describe a pipe’s wall thickness. 

What are the most common end connections?

The most common end connections are Butt Weld (BW), Socket Weld (SW), Threaded (NPT), or Slip-On (SO). 

What is a pipe fitting?

A pipe fitting is any product used to connect piping systems. Common fittings in everyday use are threaded, welded, soldered, bolted (flanged), or function with compression.

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What is a flange?

A flange is a protruding rim or ridge on a component. In the piping system, a flanged connection forms a seal between two mating surfaces and is typically secured by bolting. 

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