Trust In Every Connection

To us, your trust in Service Metal reflects on who we are. Our company's culture and values have developed over three generations to ensure strong connections at every level. Our commitment to customers, employees, and products has built a company you can believe in.

We are Service Metal

Service Metal is the premier PVF Master Distributor in the United States, Mexico and Canada for carbon steel pipe fittings, flanges and valves with extensive inventories in St. Louis, Charlotte and Houston.

We strive to make the customer experience easier and faster through world-class service with a commitment to excellence, integrity and efficiency.

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Always looking for talent

A warm, welcoming team. A wide range of opportunity for all. Tremendous growth potential. Outstanding benefits. Check out our careers page for the latest job openings.

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Our Leadership Team

The leadership team at Service Metal works hard to ensure the success of every employee and the customers they serve. Our leaders commit to being accessible. They build teams with a variety of voices. They maintain consistency to maintain our company’s commitment to trustworthy connections. Our continued success, led by this group, will take Service Metal towards new horizons for the generations yet to come.

Our Brand

Trust in Every Connection. We aspire to earn your trust by making every experience easy. Always coming through on our promises. Acting faster on your requests. And committing to delivering excellence, integrity and efficiency in everything we do.

If we do this for you, we believe we will not only become the most respected PVF master distributor in the industry, but more importantly, earn your trust.

SMP Valve

Our increasingly popular SMP Valve line provides flexibility in type and size. This line is easy to order and always well-stocked ensuring quick delivery no matter where you are located.

Our New Home

Our new corporate office tells a story of our proud history, as well as the vision for our future.


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