What is High Yield?

Regular carbon steel has a yield strength of 36 ksi, while High Yield is manufactured anywhere from 42 to 70 ksi. Along with the higher strength, there are more stringent dimensional requirements for the material. These improved properties allow for the following: higher pressures, increased flow, longer lifespan, and safer operation. The applications for High Yield include pipelines, and compressor stations, for the oil and natural gas industry. Most of the pipelines constructed in the past 20 years have been using High-yield materials.

Currently, older pipelines that were constructed with A106/A105/A234 WPB are being replaced by High Yield.

High Yield is produced in several different grades. The grades are separated by their yield strength. Y52 yield and Y65 are the most common. Y52 is dominant on sizes 12” and below. Y65 is dominant on 18” to 24” Y70 is primarily seen in large diameters only.

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