What is a Mill Test Report (MTR)? 

Consider the MTR as the pedigree or recipe of the part. The MTR is associated/identified with the material typically through a heat code or serial number on the physical part. The MTR is created/issued by the manufacturer of the material and is considered a legal document and cannot be altered or modified by anyone except for the original issuer/manufacturer. An MTR commonly has the following information:

  • Manufacturer name and information.
  • Manufacture Date
  • Traceability number (heat code and/or serial number)
  • Description of item and conformance to applicable standards (Design and Material) along with year/revision/edition of the standard.
    • Applicable mechanical properties (Tensile, Yield, Hardness, notched toughness)
    • Chemical properties
    • Heat Treatment (if applicable)
    • Additional applicable testing (Pressure, Dimensional, Radiography, Magnetic Particle, and Liquid Penetrant Testing)

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