What do the acronyms commonly used in forging mean? 

ASME/ASTM S/A105 is a standard specification for carbon and low-alloy steel forgings components such as flanges and fittings. These forgings are primarily supplied in two heat treatment conditions.

  • As Forged: (A105) The “As Forged” condition is only allowed in classes 150 and 300.
  • Normalized: (A105N) Normalization is a heat treatment process used to improve the mechanical properties and microstructure of a metal. It involves heating the material to above the transformation temperature, holding it, and then allowing it to cool in still air. Normalization is required for class 400 and above. In classes 150 and 300 it is optional.

ASME/ASTM S/A350 LF2 is a specification for carbon and low-alloy steel forgings and is used for applications requiring impact toughness and resistance to brittle fracture at low temperatures. LF2 steel can maintain its mechanical properties and resistance to brittle fracture even under sub-zero conditions (-50°F), making it suitable for liquid natural gas applications. Most LF2 flanges are manufactured using fine-grain practice.

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